We hope to turn the corner after 2020 as we enter a new year with a lot of optimism for what’s in store.

New beginnings never felt better, especially if you can hit the reset on home décor. Here are five trends you’re likely to see in 2021 and beyond as we continually find new tweaks that make everyday life a little better.

Office with a view

You may have always dreamed of having an office space with incredible views and quick access to cold drinks and food — you just never imagined it would be due to a pandemic.

Working from home has been a challenge for everyone. A designated office workspace that works seems like a constant pursuit. That’s why this year’s biggest trend will be home office renovation.

For those without a designated room, there are plenty of ways to transform any area within the home into a workstation powerhouse. Consider reworking a closet into work space. For some inspiration, search for “cloffice” on Pinterest.

5 transforming design trends that will shape what homes look like in 2021

Indoor gardens

When people began to feel disconnected with the outdoors during the course of the pandemic, they began to bring nature indoors.

This houseplant trend is here to stay in 2021 and is a simple way to enliven any room. But remember it’s important to do a little research on types of indoor plants, watering and lighting needs before branching out to a whole new world of monsteras and other tropical wonders.

Playgrounds 2.0

An outdoor playing space is good, an actual climbing structure is better but nothing quite beats the new phenomena of the next-level playground.

The trend of 2021 is an enhanced outdoor space, like elaborate custom playgrounds with themes and bright colors. Many homeowners are going beyond the store-bought kits and adding climbing walls, ziplines and other interactive features that will keep their kids more active.

Second kitchen

Outdoors spaces affixed with firepits, fireplaces, patios and other outdoor features are undoubtedly trending upward. Outdoor kitchens are also getting a lot of attention.

Adding a stovetop, counter space and some appliances is all that may be needed.

Outdoor kitchens allow people to enjoy a relaxing setting where they can gather for drinks, meals and entertaining stress-free and with everything within reach.

Retro recliner revival

As more people spent time at home, a sense of nostalgia may have overtaken them from time to time.

People are turning to throwback furniture and funky colors that reflect on simpler times of yesteryear. It’s simple to do: A splash of paint or a yard sale haul can transform any room.