Understanding Supplemental Taxes

At Witham Real Estate we get a lot of questions about supplemental taxes. What are they? How much will they be? When will I get the bill? Are often the questions we repeatedly hear. I have found an article by North American Title company that offers some answers to the most common questions about Supplemental […]

The iBuyer Trend and Why You Should Avoid It

Thinking of selling your house? There’s a new buyer in town, and it’s an algorithm. What are “iBuyers,” exactly, and what do they mean for you? Is it a good idea to take the human element out of selling your home in favor of letting a computer crunch the numbers? Here’s everything you need to […]

How to Give Back and Save on Your National Parks Vacation

With official summer right on our heels, vacationing and enjoying the great outdoors may be on your summer plans. While there are endless options for vacationing, we are so lucky to live in a country with amazing national parks, and for us in California, we don’t even need to leave the state to see some […]

What you need to know about your new Medicare Card!

Here’s a few things to know about the process and your new card: Distribution of new cards began in April of 2018 and are being mailed based on geographic location.  California users can expect to see their cards anytime from May of 2018 to April of 2019.  Mailing takes time. Your card may arrive later […]

Every little bit helps.  Our guide to current 55+ discounts.

One of the many benefits of living a rich and full life after the age of 55+?  Getting the senior discount.  Even if you’re still in the work force, discount savings can help you put aside a little more in your 401k.  These discounts are constantly evolving, so here are our pointers for keeping current. […]

Protecting Yourself Against Scams Targeted at Consumers 55+

We  all hear stories on the news about seniors getting scammed out of thousands and none of us think we’d ever fall for such a thing!  However, the scams are getting so much more sophisticated with the advancement of technology, and the number of victims of this type of crime is steadily on the rise.  […]

Buying Tips for a Low Inventory Market

While the low inventory real estate market has sellers relocating to Easy Street, the struggle is real for buyers.  In Sacramento, Zillow reports there were 22.5% few homes on the market in December of 2017 as there were the year prior.  Buyers need to remain vigilant, open-minded and flexible to win in this market.  Here […]

How Seniors Can Protect Their Health and Happiness During the Downsizing Process

Moving is a stressful time (both physically and emotionally) for anyone – but for seniors choosing to downsize into a smaller home it can be incredibly taxing. Here is how seniors can protect their physical and mental health during the process. Start packing early As soon as you know you plan to downsize into a […]

End of Summer Projects

Stretch out these last days of summer by squeezing in a few more home projects, savoring simple pleasures and, when the me comes, cleaning up the beach toys and preparing the house for a busy fall. Pick from these to‐dos to create your perfect August plan. Finish up outdoor projects. Make use of the long […]

You’ve spent a lifetime collecting treasures….

You’ve spent a lifetime collecting treasures, and you’re so proud of the antique spoon collection that has been in your family for generations.  But before you bank on the fact that you’ll be passing them down to your kids, talk to them.  Don’t let your heirlooms become their headache. They want to fill their homes […]