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It’s only natural to wish for an immediate end to the pandemic. But as we continue to make positive strides toward normalcy in the near future, it can still be hard to escape the ways the pandemic makes us feel.

For nearly a year now, our very way of life has been unrecognizable from the previous one — yet it’s one we know all too well. As you keep your head up during this challenging time, we are sharing some mental and well-being tips and exercises that can help along the way.

Acknowledge your feelings

It may seem like a brave thing to ignore negative feelings, but it’s important to acknowledge that they are on your mind. Feelings like fear and frustration will be inevitable during this trying time.

It’s OK to step back and recognize their existence, but the crucial action to take is to leave it there. Do not feed or let these emotions compound into something more, such as sucking energy away from other positive aspects of your life.

Keep the bigger picture in mind

It can be easy to lose perspective, but stop yourself from falling into a visionless trap.

There’s always an opportunity to gain wisdom, even in down times. The seed that is planted today may not sprout immediately, but when it does it’ll remind you of a more difficult time that you overcame.

Extend a helping hand

People around us are in constant need. The good news is, more people are also willing to extend a helping hand.

Look around on social media and community-based apps and you’ll see the efforts others put in to bring cheer to their neighbors. You can start by checking for opportunities on social media for how you can contribute. Helping others will bring you joy and reassurances that everything is going to be OK.

Influence others

Your emotions and moods have a major impact on those around you.

As much as you can help it, always try to give off positive, calm and uplifting vibes to those around you. It’s a good reminder that we are all in this together and dealing with similar anxieties and thoughts.

By trying to influence others, you can kickstart a positive chain reaction that encourages more positive and uplifting interactions.

Focus on the now

It’s tempting to think about next summer and winter, when a semblance of normalcy might return. But, it’s also vital to remain focused on the now and the actions you take in the immediate future.

Base your decision-making on the information you currently have available and that makes the most sense for the now. This helps you focus on the present and puts you in the driver’s seat of the things you can control.