Let us help you make the best choice for YOU!

There may come a point in your life when you current housing situation is not feasible, convenient, or possibly even safe. Maybe you’re simply living in a two-story home and prefer a home without the burden of stairs. Or, maybe you’re an empty nester who prefers to live in a community of like-minded active adults. The good news is Northern California offers a number of wonderful housing options for seniors and active adults. The challenging and confusing part is deciding which one is best for you!

So, to clear up some confusion, I’m going to give you a basic rundown of your housing options. Of course, each of these can be tailored even further to your individual needs, but this list is a great jumping off point.

Staying in your own home

It’s completely understandable to want to just stay put. This option is great for active adults who are still very independent, comfortable in their homes, enjoy the neighborhood, and have a close support system nearby. While modifications can be made to your current home to make it safer, there are some things that cannot be changed easily (ex. stairs).

But, if you do not feel safe in your neighborhood, your home and yard maintenance is overwhelming, or you need additional social or physical support, this may not be the best option for you. If you do decide to stay in your current home, it’s important to still assess your future needs and physical restraints and be open to a different housing option in the future.

Retirement Community

Retirement communities come in all shapes and sizes. Simply, they are housing arrangements designed exclusively for active adults 55 and over. In our area, the most popular retirement community options are free-standing homes with access to recreational facilities, golf courses, clubhouses, and pools. But, retirement communities can also be apartment complexes and condominiums. In general, people who choose a retirement community do not need physical assistance and prefer living independently with those in their life stage. They enjoy a low maintenance home and yard and prefer an active lifestyle socializing with friends and family.

Assisted Living Community

Assisted living communities are perfect for those who continue to enjoy their independence but may need help with some daily living activities or with minor medication. Assisted living communities vary in style and type and can include apartment-style living, rooms with scaled-down kitchens, or simply just rooms. Most of these communities include a common eating area and social/recreational activities. If you need minor assistance but not 24-hour care, this may be the best option for you.

It’s never too late to start thinking about the future. The earlier you assess your housing situation and research your options, the more prepared you will be when you finally make the move. I understand that the decision to move is a huge one and one that is not taken lightly. That’s why I’m available to meet with you and walk you through every step of the process. Please feel free to give me (Victoria Witham) a call anytime! With so many amazing housing possibilities, I know there is one just right for you. I can be reached at (916) 718-1751 or Victoria@WithamRealEstate.com.