Written by Allison Hopkins for Victoria Witham

In April of 2010, sisters Penny C. and Gail F. were given some good news. According to their realtor, Victoria Witham, they would be able to short sell their home and repurchase a home that would accommodate their medical needs all in the same week, with the new FHA Repurchase Program. This program requires a true hardship and great credit for at least the last 12 months.

Keeping in very close touch with lenders has remained a critical part of Victoria’s success. She originally found out about the new program from a lender at Wells Fargo, but after the loan was not able to be approved at that bank, she set off to find a way to make it work and took the idea to several outside brokers. Loan Officer Debra Jones of Big Valley Mortgage found Flagstar Bank, headquartered in Troy, Michigan. Flagstar was able to complete the loan and the short sale of their home closed on December 13, 2010 and they received the keys to their new home on December 20, 2010!

Penny and Gail are happy to have found a realtor that would not give up until she found a way to make it work. “Victoria takes you step by step and keeps you informed on everything,” says Penny. “I would recommend anyone to her—she stays on top of what’s going on in the realty world and she’s very knowledgeable about how to do things.”