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You’ve spent a lifetime collecting treasures, and you’re so proud of the antique spoon collection that has been in your family for generations.  But before you bank on the fact that you’ll be passing them down to your kids, talk to them.  Don’t let your heirlooms become their headache. They want to fill their homes with items that are meaningful to them, just like you did.

This may come as a shock to many, but the fact is that millennials travel a lot lighter than their parents and grandparents.  Modern lifestyles don’t afford time for dusting of knickknacks and polishing of silver.  Take a trip thought any thrift or consignment store for proof of this theory.  They are filled to the rim with traditional furniture and collectable figurines.

One of our clients recently inherited a collection of over 200 Hummel figurines, her mother’s most prized possession. While she’s going to keep several that mean the most to her, she has no space for all of them.  She spoke with an appraiser about selling these antique and once very expensive items, and was told there is no market for them. Donate them to charity and take the write off was the advice she received.

Here’s our recommendations on sparing your kids some grief and guilt: