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Written by Allison Hopkins for Victoria Witham

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA Report) is an important tool to help homeowners more accurately price their home in a given market. The reports also aid buyers by providing up-to-date real estate information.

If you are selling…

If you are interested in selling your home, Victoria will prepare this report for you (at no cost) by comparing your property to properties similar to yours. The report includes pricing for the sale of your home at the current market—a snapshot in time. The main idea behind pricing your home correctly is to ensure you receive the highest possible price while selling your home in a relatively brief time period.

If you are buying…

If you are interested in buying, these free reports will give you access to a fuller spectrum of real estate information. They can also aid in the negotiation process by using current market data to dispel the myths from unreliable sources and to specifically target direct competes, so your offer is competitively placed (competitive and on the mark).

An amazing feature of the CMA reports that Victoria generates is how the QR codes (quick response codes) are incorporated, enabling anyone with a smart phone to scan and download all the specifics of a particular property.