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Glenbrooke Remodel – Sanders Model

When remodeling your home, it can feel overwhelming. So many ideas and trends are out there; where do you start? I would suggest that you have a vision and a mood board. Pinterest, for example, is a great place to start. You can create a virtual design board and add photos that inspire you. Or just the old-fashioned way by clipping magazine photos from home magazines or saving pictures to your phone. No matter the method, creating a theme or mood you want is critical; it will help your design look more professional, curated, and cohesive. With this first step, I see most methods succeed before they begin.  Once you gather ideas, styles, and color schemes, you can typically start to see a pattern, which will help you stay focused on the result.

Next is also consider classic aspects and functionality.  Don’t be afraid to do something trendy, but think if it can be easily adapted to change with your style changes. The easiest way to achieve this is paint. Paint and color can always vary. In the example below, our clients added a little pop of color to complement their style. However, it could easily change with just a simple change of color. They added functionally to their overdesign for extra storage. They kept the focal point, the lovely fireplace, with its clean, simple lines adding a fresh new look without it being too distracting. 

Standard features and run-of-the-mill builder options no longer appeal to most buyers in this real estate market. They want more luxurious features and upgrades. Are you considering any remodels in your home? Some of the most popular options have been light, fresh paint, upgraded lighting, and quartz countertops, to name a few. But even minor updates can make a huge difference. Not only will remodeling give you more pride of ownership and enjoyment, but it can improve your marketability and ROI when it comes to selling.

Thank you to our clients for allowing us to peek into their gorgeous home! I hope you felt just as inspired as we did! Have you remodeled a house in Glenbrooke? We would love to see your home and share your story.

Here are some photos of the before and after of one of our clients who purchased a Sanders model in Glenbrooke in 2015. After they bought the home, they did a fabulous remodel. It’s quite a transformation! It feels brighter and airier, so open and inviting.

Living Room Before & After

Our clients purchased this home in 2015. Photos are from previous listing.

Kitchen Before & After