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Community of Heritage – Floor Plans

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Download Heritage Floor Plans

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The Ruby (1230 sq. ft.)

HeritageEDH-Mosaic-Ruby-1 HeritageEDH-Mosaic-Ruby-2

The Sapphire (1444 sq. ft.)

HeritageEDH-Mosaic-Sapphire-1 HeritageEDH-Mosaic-Sapphire-2

The Emerald (1712 sq. ft.)

HeritageEDH-Mosaic-Emerald-1 HeritageEDH-Mosaic-Emerald-2

The Diamond (1784 sq. ft.)

HeritageEDH-Mosaic-Diamond-1 HeritageEDH-Mosaic-Diamond-2

The Carmel (1813 sq. ft.)

HeritageEDH-Legends-Carmel-1 HeritageEDH-Legends-Carmel-2

The Montecito (2213 sq. ft.)

HeritageEDH-Legends-Montecito-1 HeritageEDH-Legends-Montecito-2

The Santa Barbara (2423 sq. ft.)

HeritageEDH-Legends-SantaBarbara-1 HeritageEDH-Legends-SantaBarbara-2